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Toronto Fall Tournament 2019

11 November, 2019

Last Saturday was the Toronto Fall Tournament at the University of Toronto. Six teams showed up to battle it out, with UTS A winning both games of an advantaged final over Westmount A to take the title. Congratulations!

Thanks to all the players, chaperones, and volunteer staffers who showed up to make it a great day! Full stats can be found here.

Introducing the New ONQBA Website

30 August, 2019

We have given our website a refresh and returned to the domain! Our website has moved around several times in the past few years but hopefully will be our permanent address.

Our old WordPress and Blogspot sites are decommissioned so please only check for updates. If you are looking for past tournament results, please check out Past Results.

2019-2020 Season Announcements

29 July, 2019

We are pleased to announce the new executive team and new membership rules in preparation for the 2019-2020 season.

The 2019-2020 ONQBA executive team:

  • President - Meghan Torchia
  • Treasurer - Aaron Dos Remedios
  • Secretary - Raymond Chen
  • Webmaster - Sherry Li


In past years, being an ONQBA member required explicitly registering to become one. This year, we’re changing the membership requirement so that as long as you have either

  1. PLAYED the majority (50% or greater) of your tournaments (at which you were a player) in Ontario OR
  2. STAFFED the majority of your tournaments (at which you were a staffer) in Ontario, you will be considered an ONQBA member automatically.

Finally, we will be sending out an email newsletter in late August detailing our plans for the year (although some updates will also be posted here). The newsletter will primarily be targeted toward schools. If you’re interested in receiving it, please message one of the exec or send the page a message.

ONQBA Awards for 2018-19

15 July, 2019

These are our awards to recognize great players in Ontario. We consider all trivia formats, with some preference for achievements in actual quizbowl.

Best Player - Oliver Weizel (UTS)

Oliver won the nationals of both History Bee and Bowl this year. He did not win the quizbowl tournament he played, but the stats say he was probably the best player there.


Most Improved Player - Amy Wang (Westmount)

Amy won Reach Nationals this year, and she scored a ton of powers in summer open tournaments. Unlike most players from Hamilton, she has the self-control not to neg in every game.

Also got votes: Sreesa Virinchi (UTS)

Best Junior Player - Gabriel McMurren (Glebe)

The Provincial champions Glebe were a balanced team, and their grade 10 player Gabriel led them in powers. I have a great memory of him buzzing "Sergeant Preston of the Yukon," because (of course) it came up in practice.

Also got votes: David Landry (Lisgar)

All-Star Team

  • Tony Chen (Richmond Hill)
  • Gabriel Clark (Lisgar)
  • Kevin Fan (Bell)
  • Marcell Maitinsky (Westmount)
  • Oliver Weizel (UTS)

Also got votes: Andrew McCowan (Glebe), Thomas Mennill (Lisgar), Lucas Smith (TMS), Amy Wang (Westmount)